Welcome to 'Breaching the Firewall'

Using the internet plays a daily part in our lives; at home, for educational purposes and in our work organisations. A firewall can be used to help protect a network from being breached by dangerous or malicious forces in the form of potential hackers or offensive websites.

Today, although we may accept the need for security, we may not understand how or why a firewall protects us. This site will introduce what a firewall is, how it works and the advantages and disadvantages of different types.

A guide to selecting the right firewall for the user's needs, direction to securing your home network and the implications of it being breached will be considered.

Please feel free to join in with the discussions:

  • Is Windows® Firewall adequate security?
  • Do you need to pay for strong protection?
  • Does your ISP provide a firewall and does it work?
  • How secure is your home network?

This site is a project for Networking Technologies Assessed Coursework 2007 and the topic chosen is to demonstrate and increase the author's understanding and knowledge of firewalls with particular relevance to a small home/office (SOHO) networking scenario using a Windows® based operating system.

The author of this site is Cerys Rowlands

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